Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We are so happy to have your child in Kindergarten this year. Together, we will make your child's year of school fun, exciting, challenging and most of all enjoyable.

Throughout the school year, your child will be exposed to many different kinds of learning experiences through the use of children's literature, poetry, art, music and more.

Our classroom environment will include specific ongoing activities that foster children's language, value what each child has to say, and the patience to wait for them to speak! Thus, we build a nurturing environment, helping each other become better listeners, as well as developing the skill and use of language to communicate feelings, ideas, solutions, praise and to help others.

Through our years of teaching we have become aware that parental involvement is important in a child's life. We know that together we will help them grow academically, socially and physically.

Thank you for allowing us to share with your child this, their first official school year. It is a very special year and we know together, this will be a very successful year.