General Information


We are on a 8 day rotation.  This schedule has been sent home.

1. P.E. 

2. Art

3. Music


Bus Tags – Please make sure that the information on your child’s bus tag is correct. The bus tags should remain on your child’s backpack. This information is important. Your child may have a substitute teacher or bus driver.

Backpacks – Please have your child bring a backpack each day. The backpack should be large enough to hold a folder, projects, and a lunchbox. These bags are extremely helpful in making sure important letters and projects reach their destination. Be sure the bag can be used independently.

Parent Drop off- The students will need to wait outside the front of the school until it is opened for students at 9:25.  Breakfast is free for all students and students will have breakfast as a whole class for a mid morning snack break.  Students should walk to their classroom independently.  If your child needs assistance, please go to the office to get a visitor badge/pass. 

Parent Pick-up at the end of the day-Follow the school wide directions for picking up your child at the parent pick-up corner, which is at the end of the bus line.  Kindergarten will be going outside a few minutes earlier so that all the students are settled before the older students dismiss. 

Breakfast is free for all students. We will be having breakfast as a mid morning snack for all kindergarten children..

School Supplies – A note will be sent home about any additional supplies if and when they are needed.  Many THANKS for all of the WISH LIST items that have been donated to the room!

Money – Please put all money in an envelope and label it with your child’s name, amount, and what it is for.

Book Club Orders - Book orders will be sent home at various times during the year. Please make the check payable to the book company or submit your order on-line. Many of these books are available at reduced prices and in paperback form only through the book clubs. The books will be sent home with your child when they arrive a few weeks later. (If you see interesting books in the book order, you may want to bring the form to the library and refer to it when you are looking for books to check out.  It is a wonderful resource listing books and descriptions that your child may be interested in reading.)

Play Dates – Due to district/state budget cuts we will not be able to offer alternate transportation arrangements for play dates. An after-school student play date is a social activity separate from school, and there are no funds in our budget to support the paperwork and phone work required to safely facilitate such activities. Therefore, you will be responsible for transporting your child to any outside social activity once they have arrived home from school.

Absences – If your child is absent for any reason, please be sure that you call the school to report the absence at 612-668-3210. You may also send a note when they return.

Late Arrivals – Your child will need to go to the office for a pass before being admitted into the classroom.

Behavior Policy – Please review the district behavior policy with your child.  In addition the Lower Campus will be using the Four BEE Rules:  BEE 1) Responsible  2) Respectful  3) Safe  4) Your Best

Weekly Information – Each week your child will bring home school information. Please take the papers out of your child’s backpack and return any papers that need to be returned to school, as soon as possible. You will find the Lake Harriet Newsletter, Minneapolis district information, classroom information and other news/information.  The kindergarten "Peek at the Week" and the Monthly Home Activity Calendar will be posted on the Kindergarten web page that can be found on the Lake Harriet Community School Web site, after the first's weeks paper copy is sent home.  The activity calendar may be returned to school at the end of the month.  Just check off or color the activities that were done during the month!

LabelingPlease label all of your child’s belongings. It is important that your child pick shoes, snow pants, boots, coats, hats, and mittens that they are able to put on and take off themselves. Have your child practice putting on and taking off these articles of clothing at home by themselves. If your child is not able to tie their own shoes, velcro or curly laces are good alternatives for the safely of your child and the other children that are walking in a line

Shoes –Velcro tennis shoes, zipper tennis shoes, and curly laces are recommended instead of tie laces if your child is not able to tie their own shoes quickly and independently. Untied laces are a safety hazard for your child and others when the children trip on the laces. They will need to dump sand out of their shoes after recess and be able to switch from boots to shoes quickly and independently.

Birthdays – Pease do not send invitations to be delivered at school unless ALL the girls, or ALL the boys, or ALL the children are invited. Please send your invitations through U.S. Mail. This is being considerate of the feelings of all the children in the classroom. Please plan your child’s birthday party at your child’s home. The classroom will have a birthday song .DO NOT SEND ANY INDIVIDUAL TREATS TO SCHOOL FOR BIRTHDAYS! We will have a summer birthday bash for all of the summer birthdays at the end of the year.

Volunteers – The parent room representative will be the person that contacts parents to volunteer in the classroom. She will have a copy of all of the volunteer forms that are returned.

If you volunteer to help with a classroom party, please make sure that you let the parent who is organizing the party know if you will be bringing siblings with you. This will help parents plan for the amount of materials, supplies, and food that will be needed. Field Trips are limited to adults due to the space on the buses. Thank you for all of the help that parents/families give throughout the year.

Mrs. Colonga