From the Principals' Desks
Monday, March 30, 2009 9:15 PM

Dear Families:

This is the time of year when we make our staffi ng changes for the following school year. This is done with careful thought and with the best interest of the students guiding the moves. Each teacher has strengths they bring to new teaching placements. Their strengths add to the success and growth of the teaching team.

The changes for next year are as follows. Nancie Delebo will teach full-day kindergarten. Derek Carlson will teach one of our am/pm kindergartens. Scott Devens and Theresa Harich will teach second grade. Susan Smith will work half time as a reading resource teacher with second grade. Deb Mattson will do a job share with Natividad Osland, with each woman taking half of each day. The Lower Campus teacher emeritus, Joan Bottkol, will work with first grade. We will interview for an additional fourth grade teacher. Brian Baddenhoff will teach fifth grade. Linda Bush will work three days a week as a resource teacher with the fifth grade. Kathy Roberts, teacher emeritus at the Upper Campus, will continue to work with fourth and fifth grades. We will interview for a middle grades Social Studies teacher. Sue Cullen-Pehrson will take a one-year leave; we will interview for a one-year replacement. Angie Riley will return to middle grades science. Cary Sfikas will do a job share with Darcy Grandel; they will alternate days. Luke Nelson will teach Health rather than Physical Education.

Kindergarten will have five sections because of the high demand for kindergarten seats by the residents of the F1 neighborhood area and siblings of F2 students already here. Students placed in the all-day kindergarten will be selected by a lottery draw. We will house two of our first grade classes in the northern placed portable. Capacity at the Upper Campus remains a long-term issue. The district is aware of this and will collaborate with us on a future solution. This year we are participating in the interview and select teacher placement process. We are able to select teacher candidates without the restriction of hiring the most senior applicant. We are confident in our staff and know we are building a strong program.


Mary Rynchek, Principal,

Jay Alexander, Assistant Principal Upper Campus,

Ellen Murphy, Assistant Principal Lower Campus (POSA),