From the Principal's Desk
Monday, March 16, 2009 11:55 PM

Dear Families:

This has been an inspiring couple of weeks. Last week, the parent night for History Day had a wonderful turnout, and the students’ works were dynamic and informative. Congratulations to the winners, who will proceed to the MPS District event on March 21st at South High: • Samantha Ggnon (Individual) • Lucy Chechik and Marie Michl (Group) • Eli Ross, Beret Sauer, Carl-Lars Engen (Individual Documentaries) • Wes Cannon, Morgan Shields, Jon Opdahl; Shelly Stein, Annaleah Magnuson; Roland Taracks, Marcus Berg, Taylor Funk (Group Documentaries) • Maya Gotzsche; Sam Langille; Abby and Ella Counihan (Performances) • Elliance Croce, Hannah Evanson, Abby Hilden, Haley Holsather, Julia Kloehn, Tessa Peters, Saskia Van Riessen (Individual Exhibit Boards) • Kyra Bornong, Aisha Ba; Charlie Doty, Will Scott; Maddy Johnson, Julia Akashio; Kali Place, Grace Talen; Maddie Portnoy, Sara Fetterly; Linnea Sorlien, Olivia Meier, Rose Kessler; Nathalie Young, Charlotte Manning, Molly O’Hanlon (Group Exhibit Boards) • Madeline Adams-Hanson, Sophie Breen, Ben Coldwell, Jack Evenson, Eric Holm, Fiona Kelliher, Andrew McGillivary, Anna Morse, Tressa Naylor, Sam Orfield (Historical Research Papers).

On Monday, March 6th, members of our Jazz B played at the Target Center prior to the Timberwolves game. They were so good that the Timberwolves staff thought they were college students! They were treated, by the Timberwolves, to game box seats. Thank you to Mike Mazyck and our Jazz Band students for a great performance.

That same evening, many of our strings students performed at Orchestra Hall with VIVA CITY! I was among several MPS principals who received plaques for their schools. This was a tribute to Toyo Lang and the dedication of the strings students. Our students combine with multiple other schools to create ensemble groups or orchestras. The pieces they played were professional and beautiful to listen to. It was a special night!

I also have a few important pieces of information for you. As of today, you can pick up a STUDENT PLACEMENT FORM from either of the two school offices or you can download one from the LHCS website. This form allows parents to give input into their child’s classroom placement for the following year. Forms need to be turned in by April 28th, as we receive and read hundreds of these forms each year.

The school board approved the 2009-2010 school calendar with a start date of September 1st (before Labor Day); however, it is still pending appeal to the state legislature. Ellen, Jay and I are going over the budget with the Ed./Site Council on March 17th and will get more information out to you after it is approved. Thank you all, again, for the referendum support. We are so glad we are able to keep our class sizes from growing larger.

Mary Rynchek, Principal,
Jay Alexander, Assistant Principal Upper Campus,
Ellen Murphy, Assistant Principal Lower Campus (POSA),