From the Principal's Desk
Monday, November 03, 2008 10:45 PM

Dear Parents:

This year Lake Harriet Community School will be joining with the southwest corner of the city in Organics Recycling, a program that has been well received at Burroughs, Barton, and Lake Country. We will start with the UC and expand the program to include the LC. Initial startup funds have been donated and funding for next year is being written into a grant request.

The Minneapolis Public Schools has been involved in the Schools for Energy Efficiency Program (SEE) to increase energy efficiency in our buildings. This program encourages principals, teachers, and students to pursue energy-conscious behaviors and to work with building engineers to ensure efficient, effective plant operations. Each school district building is expected to reduce its energy use by at least 10%. One aspect of this program is a student education piece about recycling. The Organics Recycling program fits well in this context.

Our school is partnering with Linden Hills Power and Light, the Minneapolis Public Schools and our parent community to bring these energy-efficiency and recycling experiences directly to our students through organics recycling at each lunch period. Beginning at the UC in December, volunteer parents will assist school staff in teaching the students how to sort their lunch recyclables. Each week, we will increase the number of items sorted. We'll be shrinking our carbon footprint by turning food scraps and paper products into compost! As you know, we move over six hundred students through five lunch shifts in a 2 1/2 hour window, so our challenge will be to effectively recycle while staying on schedule.

Watch for the Connection's new "Green" section, which will give information about the project. Special thanks to Keren Price and Fred Mayer for organizing the startup!


Mary Rynchek, Principal,

Jay Alexander, Assistant Principal Upper Campus,

Ellen Murphy, Assistant Principal Lower Campus (POSA),