From the Assistant Principal's Desk
Monday, December 15, 2008 10:50 PM

Dear LHCS Parents and Guardians,

All too quickly, we are approaching Winter Break, which is just what it says – a break from the regular routine. For many of you, this is a time to regroup, to enjoy each member of your family, to strengthen your bonds with each other, and to take time to relax and have fun with your children.

It has been five months since I joined LHCS, and I thought I’d take the time to share some of my reflections on the school. The primary reason the school exists is the children. Both Lower and Upper Campuses are filled with your children who are all so beautiful, talented, smart. It’s obvious that the work at this school is absolutely a joint effort between home and school. With the latest dark news about our district’s projected financial shortfall, it would be easy enough to let this overshadow the way we look at our schools. However, LHCS (parents, staff and community) already stands strong.

Parents amaze me with their organizing, networking, advocating, watching, and sharing. This activity takes place because of our focal point: the children. You are there to volunteer, support teachers, raise funds, give advice on policy making, and tend to your children during their educational experiences away from home. The outcome is positive and successful. Your children are learning, getting smarter, interacting socially, becoming aware of a world beyond their home, and showing concern and understanding for each other. Children truly are the future. Lake Harriet parents, staff and community really know this, think about the future, and are doing things that look to the future of the children.

The Staff also does an amazing job! Their school day is centered on figuring out how your children learn, and then providing means and materials for them to do so. They are serious about on-going professional development, about becoming better at addressing children’s learning. They are also fully aware that children learn best when they feel safe and comfortable, so the staff gives strong attention to positive behavioral systems. LHCS is a caring, well-oiled system. We should all feel fortunate to be part of such a fine environment led by Principal Mary Rynchek and Assistant Jay Alexander.

Please continue to find your way to participate, especially during these days of slim (and becoming slimmer) resources. You have a great thing going at Lake Harriet. Do what you can to keep education alive and vibrant for your children and the neighborhood. Participate by volunteering, supporting the staff, raising funds, and joining in policymaking. To stay strong we need every family active in some way.

The year is going along well. How could it not, with such talent evident and shared among us? The “village” is truly functioning at LHCS.


Ellen Murphy, Assistant Principal Lower Campus (POSA),