Families All Matter
Monday, June 01, 2009 9:55 PM

A few special projects happened this year in the Families All Matter (FAM) program. After reading and discussing the FAM books, Mrs. Porter’s 3rd grade class made a “Different But All One” quilt.

Each student in the class completed a square that represented his or her individuality. Please come see this gem hanging in the hallway of the Upper Campus near the office. Thanks to Maree Hampton for all her work for this project. All 4th graders wrote either an essay, letter to the President, or poem about a FAM topic that was meaningful to them. The topics were: Immigration, Socioeconomic Differences, Gay and Lesbian Families, and Adoption. Many of the essays are in the 2nd floor hallway.

Two winners from each 4th grade class were chosen. The winners were: Maja Mertes, Elliot Smith, Rebecca Kinyon, Teddy Damm, Aidan Berg, and Kieran Winkels. They each won a $35 contribution to a charity that relates to their topic. Maja and Elliot chose “People Serving People,” an organization that serves homeless people; Rebecca chose, “The Minnesota Council for Adoption;” Aidan chose “Centro,” an organization that supports Latino families; Teddy chose “The MN Coalition for the Homeless;” and Keiran chose “Rainbow Families,” an organization that provides local programs to LGBT families. See the winners’ essays, letters, and poems on the Lake Harriet Website under About Our School, and then go to Diversity Committee.

Congratulations to all!