Lake Harriet Community School schedules regular safety drills throughout the school year.  The four different drills practiced are: fire, tornado, lockdown and evacuation.  


Fire Drills

In order to assure the safety of our students, 5 fire drills are held throughout the year.  When the fire alarm sounds, the students and staff leave the building in a quiet, orderly fashion.   Teachers take their Emergency Grab and Go backpacks. 


Tornado Drills

One tornado drill is held in the spring to coordinate with the Statewide Tornado Drill Day.  Students get in a crouched position in a designated safe area free of potentially falling debris and glass. 


Lockdown Drills

Lake Harriet practices lockdown drills during the school year.   The lockdown drill could be a “code yellow” or a “code red”.  A code yellow drill is an external lockdown.   A code red is a full school internal and external lockdown.  The goal is to maintain a safe environment for all our students.


Evacuation Drills

Lake Harriet practices evacuation drills.  For practice purposes only, classes evacuate to the playground.  In the event of a true evacuation, Lower Campus students, staff and visitors will evacuate to the True Apostolic Church located at 3520 W. 43rd St.  If that church would be unavailable, the alternate location for lower campus is the Linden Hills Park House located at 43rd and Xerxes.  Upper campus students, staff and visitors are evacuated to Southwest High School located at 3414 West 47th St.  There will be formal dismissal procedures in place for parents to retrieve their children from the evacuation site in the event of an evacuation.   We ask for your cooperation to ensure our students’ safety.