Dress Code

Students' dress must be appropriate to the school setting and not be distracting, offensive, or discriminatory.  Displaying of gang colors, paraphernalia and signs/symbols is prohibited by policy of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).  Specifically, bandanas or hair rags of any color are not to be displayed or worn.  Boxers (briefs), butts, bellies or breasts should not be visible (4Bs).  Low cut tops for girls (halter, tube tops, etc.) are prohibited.  Extremely short skirts, or shorts are not to be worn.  While in school, students hoods and coats/jackets with linings meant for outdoor protection.  Students who refuse to follow clothing policy will be referred to administration.  Parents will be called to bring more appropriate clothing to school for the child to wear.

Click here to view the District level Dress policy.