Notes from Room A 209

I would like to welcome you and your child to Lake Harriet Community School. My name is Mrs. Colonga. I am looking forward to a wonderful year. I have been teaching nearly 40 years. Each year is as exciting as the first year that I taught, and each year is different from all the other years.


I have been involved in various curriculum areas at the district level. I received my National Board Teaching Certification in 2004. I am certified in the area of Early Childhood Education (Pre-school through grade 3). I have my Minnesota State Teaching license in the areas of Elementary Education- Kindergarten - Grade 6, and Remedial Reading Grades 1-12. I have completed my Minneapolis Advanced Learner Certification.  I continue to take classes in Acrylic Painting, participate in professional development, and attend book clubs. I believe learning is a lifelong adventure.


My husband's name is Ben. We have two children. Our oldest daughter and her husband are both in the Air Force. They have two children and live in Colorado. It is so wonderful to be a grandmother!! I was able to spend some time having fun with our grandchildren this summer. Angie is our youngest daughter and graduated from college.  We also have a dog that needs a lot of attention and a daily walk. Our family keeps very busy!


My goal for the class is that the children will have the opportunity to develop social skills, academic skills, and work together in a supportive classroom. All children will have the opportunity to grow at their individual pace. Children have many different learning styles and a variety of learning experiences will be used to address the many different ways that young children learn. All children will be exposed to curriculum that reflects the national, state, and district standards. All of the five kindergarten classes will be using our district’s Focused Instruction to guide instruction. We will have a wonderful year learning and growing together!


Best Wishes,

Mrs. Colonga