6th Grade L.A. & 7th Grade S.S.,
Ms. Krawetz

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Hello Students and Parents, Welcome to Quarter III & Semester II of the 2017 school year.  To keep up-to-date with your grades, you can access the Student Grade Portal here. For parent access, click here . Each Monday I post my latest homework for my TH Grade L.A..., and TH Grade S.S. classes. If you'd like to see my weekly homework, keep scrolling DOWN this page! .

SUPPLIES and DONATIONS: We need Ticondaroga pencils, tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed items to my room. 

Quarter 3, Tues. Jan. 31 to Thurs. March 30

  • Thurs. March 30, Q1 Ends -- Fri. March 31, No School, Recording Keeping Day
  • Spring Vacation: March 31-April 7

SIXTH GRADE: English Language Arts Homework
Week of March 20:  *See TH Grade HW button for PDF & resources.  
This week: M: Journal Check  T: Spelling   W: Grammar  Th: No class -- Concert   F: DEAR

  1. Q3 Reading Log #3 Student Choice, Due Thurs. March 29
  2. Q3 Journal Check #7:  Chapters 40-44.  Due Mon. March 20.  *Length: Write two pages. 

-Use a quote at the top from any chapter to frame your last journal entry. Questions for chapters 40-44 include:

  1. What did you think about the ending of Walk Two Moons? Did it surprise you?
  2. When do you think Sal knew about her mother's death?
  3. Why do you think Sal’s Grandparents took her on a road trip?  
  4. What was your favorite part of the book and why?
  5. Who was your favorite character and why?
  6. Optional: Write a third page of free writing. 

Language Arts Learning Targets

  1. I can analyze the plot flow of a children's book or novel.
  2. I can compare and contrast the perspectives of different characters in a short story or novel.
  3. I can cite evidence from a text to support my thinking.

SEVENTH GRADE: Social Studies Homework

Week of March 20: See TH Grade HW button for PDF & resources.
This week: M: Review for Test T: Reconstruction Test  W: Ordway   Th-F: Nothing But the Truth

-Reconstruction Test, Tues. March 21 *Review materials on my 7th grade page. -See Reconstruction Unit.

U.S. Studies. Learning Targets

  1. I can explain the rights that African Americans gained in the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments.
  2. I can take a position and answer the question: Was Reconstruction successful, a failure or both? Explain and cite examples to support your answer.

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