6th Grade L.A. & 7th Grade S.S.,
Ms. Krawetz

Updated on Thurs. Feb. 23, 2017 *E-mail is the best way to contact me!

Hello Students and Parents, Welcome to Quarter III & Semester II of the 2017 school year.  To keep up-to-date with your grades, you can access the Student Grade Portal here. For parent access, click here . Each Monday I post my latest homework for my 6th Grade L.A., and 7th Grade S.S classes. If you'd like to see my weekly homework, keep scrolling DOWN this page! 

SUPPLIES and DONATIONS: We need Ticondaroga pencils, white out, tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Many thanks to those of you who contributed items to my classroom. 

Quarter 3, Tues. Jan. 31 to Thurs. March 30

  • History Day Open House, Thurs. March 9, 7-9 pm
  • Thurs. March 30, Q3 Ends
  • Fri. March 31, No School, Recording Keeping Day
  • Spring Vacation: March 31-April 7

SIXTH GRADE: English Language Arts Homework
Week of Feb. 21  *See 6th Grade HW button for PDF & resources.  
This week we will continue with Walk Two Moons. Your Q3 Reading Log #2 is due on Thurs. March 9.

1. Q3 Journal Check #4 Due Fri. Feb 24, 2017  *Length: Write two pages. Optional: Write a third page of “free-writing.”·

Q3 JC #3 Topic for Chapters 20-25:

Length: Write 2 pages  *Optional: Free writing. See the free writing idea on the bottom of the page. 

1.   What new notes, stories and secrets were revealed about Sal’s mother?
2.   What do we know about Chanhassen Hiddle's (Sal's mother) personality and character? 
3.   What do Phoebe and Sal have in common? What do they like and dislike?
4.   Use a quote from chapters 20-25 in this entry that best explains and sums up the theme and events in these chapters.
5.   Optional 3rd Page:  Free writing  -Length: 1 page or more!  *Free writing option or  consider this possibility. In chapter 21, Mr. Birkway said, “Draw your soul.”   Draw a picture of your soul and write a 1 page description of your drawing

2. Q3 Reading Log Two, Due Friday March 9, Read a Mystery!

Language Arts Learning Targets

  1. I can analyze the plot flow of a children's book or novel.
  2. I can compare and contrast the perspectives of different characters in a short story or novel.
  3. I can cite evidence from a text to support my thinking.

SEVENTH GRADE: Social Studies Homework

Week of Feb. 21 *See 7th Grade HW button for PDF & resources.
This week: We will continue with the Civil War unit and work on NHD process papers and annotated bibliographies in class.

The ​NHD final due date is Tues. Feb. 28: Finish your projects, annotated bibliographies and process papers Tues. 2/28. Time will be provided in class and after school on 2/22 and 2/23 from 4:10-5:15 pm, but plan on spending a considerable amount of time outside of school completing your NHD project.

All judging will take occur from March 2-9. The only category where students need to be present for judging is the performance category. 

This is what you bring to school on Tues. Feb. 28:

  • Exhibit Category: Bring your exhibit, process paper and annotated bibliography to the media center from 9:20-9:40 am on Feb. 28. You will not be present for judging.
  • Website Category: Bring a sheet of paper to class with your name, period, project title and the URL of your "live" website. You will not be present for judging. Your process paper and annotated bibliography must be posted on your website.
  • Performance Category: Bring your script, process paper and annotated bibliography to class on Feb. 28. On Thurs. March 2, bring your costume & props to the media center. We will post a performance schedule early next week for you to perform for the judges.
  • Documentary Category: Bring your DVD, script, process paper and annotated bibliography to class on Feb. 28. You will not be present for judging.
  • Historical Research Papers: Bring your paper and annotated bibliography to class on Feb. 28. If you are submitting your paper to state judging, (4) copies plus a registration form need to be mailed or dropped off at the MN History Center by Feb. 28! See me if you are entering this category.


U.S. Studies. Learning Targets

  1. NHD: I can research a topic in Minnesota, U.S. or World History.
  2. I can compose a thesis statement that takes a position on my "Taking a Stand in History" topic.
  3. I can cite the factors that led up to the Civil War

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