6th Grade L.A. & 7th Grade S.S.,
Ms. Krawetz

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Hello Students and Parents and welcome Q4 !

  • This week on Mon. 4-24 and Tues. 4-25 there will NOT be Advisory. Please go right to Per. 1. 
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QUARTER 4: April 10 to June 14, 2017

  • Mon. May 29, Memorial Day
  • Wed. June 14, Valleyfair Trip & Last Day of School

SIXTH GRADE: English Language Arts Homework
Week of April 24 -See TH Grade HW button for PDF & resources.  
This week:  M: Spelling Test   Tues.-Wed. Wonder Part Two, "Via"   Th: Q4 JC#2, Topic TBA....  F: Journal Check

  1. Q4 Journal Check #2, Due Fri. April 28 -Topic TBA...
  2. Q4 Reading Log #1, Historical Fiction: Due Tues. May 2 
  3. Q4 Spelling & Vocabulary List #2 -- Test on Wed. May 3

Language Arts Learning Targets

  1. I can analyze the plot flow of a children's book or novel.
  2. I can compare and contrast the perspectives of different characters in a short story or novel.
  3. I can cite evidence from a text to support my thinking.

SEVENTH GRADE: Social Studies Homework

Week of April 17  -See 7th Grade HW button for PDF & resources.
This week: M: America the Story of US: Cities   T: Triangle Factory Fire  Lesson   W:  Finish Triangle Lesson   Th: Review for Test F:  Test on Immigration, Industrialization & Labor

U.S. Studies. Learning Targets

  1. I can explain the push and pull factors why people immigrated to the U.S. in the last 1800s and early 1900s.
  2. I can explain the term nativism and give examples of U.S. policies that supported nativist beliefs.

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