5th Grade -Ms. Krawetz, Rm. #104

Updated: Tues. Jan.16, 2018

Dear Parents,

Albeit the freezing temperatures, I hope that you all had a wonderful long weekend. This week in class we will check in about our service learning projects and hear from students who have already gotten started. We will start our presentations the week of Jan. 29th.

  • Here are photos from our MN Zoo Field Trip:  #CheckOutFieldTripPics .
  • COMMUNICATION: E-mail is the best way to reach me. Check the Back & Forth Folder for notes. If they are not arriving home, Hedwig will fly them over!
  • Please dress for the cold temperatures & wear a WARM coat, hat and boots so you are ready for recess time.  

Have a great week!  -Ms. Krawetz :-)

Week of Jan. 16th: ELA & SS Class & Homework:
Library Days this month: Jan. 18, 24, 31

1. ELA Reminder: Bring an independent "student choice" book to class every day. 
  • On Tues. 1-16 we will  begin a new Benchmark unit titled, "Recognizing Author's Point of View." This week we will compare the poems "I Hear American Singing" by Walt Whitman and "I, Too" by Langston Hughes, and discuss each author's point of view and perspective. 
  • On Wed. 1-17 we have Library Time.
  • On Thurs. 1-18 we have our Reading Fast Bridge Test.
  • Last week we finished The Whipping Boy and Maniac Magee. If you haven't completed your final packet, please do by Wed.11-17.
2. Service Learning Project: We start presentations of Service Learning Projects the week of Jan. 29. Presentations can be on Google Slides, poster boards or in a video format. Include the following in your presentation:   *Click here for the latest handout w/a calendar & other information   Presentation are due by FEB. 28th  
  • 1. Summary: Write a summary of your project. *Cover 5 Ws: What, who, when, why, where.
  • 2. About: Tell “about” your organization and their mission or cause.
  • 3. Reflection: Add an explanation of how you interacted w/others, & helped a cause.
  • 4. Photos: Display photos or souvenirs from your service learning 


Quarter 2: Nov. 6, 2017 to Jan. 24, 2018

  • Wed. Jan. 24, Last Day of Q2
  • Thurs. and Fri. Jan 25-26, No School for Students

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