5th Grade -Ms. Krawetz, Rm. #104
Ravenclaw at the MN Zoo, 10-17
What a great day at the MN Zoo!

Updated: Mon. Oct. 23, 2017 
Dear Parents,

I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend. We had a fantastic day at the MN Zoo last Tues. Oct. 17; thank you to all the chaperones who came along for this amazing field trip. Ask your 5th grader about the colorful bird show and the baby tiger we saw last week, amongst the other very cool animals we saw at the zoo. #CheckOutFieldTripPics . 

Hogwarts Cup Update: In the October house contest, Ravenclaw is in 3rd Place. I know this week will bring better focus so we can live [and learn] up to the Ravenclaw standard of academic excellence.

FALL HARVEST PARTY: Our Fifth Grade Fall Harvest Party will be held on Wed. Nov. 1. Please contact Toni T., the amazing Ravenclaw room parent coordinator, if you'd like to help.
Have a great week everyone and enjoy this lovely fall weather.   -Ms. Krawetz :-)

October 23-27, 2017 in English Language Arts & Social Studies, -Ms. Krawetz
*Reminder: Bring an independent reading book to class every day.

E.L.A. and S.S. Class Work & Homework:  

  • ELA Homework -- Reading Quick Check: "Choose Your Poison." *This will be distributed Mon. 10/23 & due on Tues. 10/24. Please read the text, write the main ideas in the margin, and then answer the comprehension questions on the back.  Run on Sentences  AND  Cursive Writing Letters: f & j  will be handed out on Wed. 10/25 and due on Thurs. 10/26. 
  • SS Homework -- Mesoamerica Brochure research. Click for:  Assignment Directions and Brochure Format Layout.  *There will be some class time available to work on this project. The First Draft due Tues. Oct. 31 and the Final Draft is due Mon. Nov. 6.
  • In clsss we will continue with our unit on Cultivating National Resources.
  • Library Day this week is Wed. Oct. 25

COMMUNICATION: E-mail is the best way to reach me. Please check the Back & Forth Folder for notes. If they are not arriving home, Hedwig will fly them over!

Have a magical week,  -Ms. Krawetz :-)

Quarter I: Aug. 28 to Nov. 1, 2017

  • Wed. Nov. 1, Fall Harvest Party & Last Day of Q1
  • Thurs. and Fri., Nov. 2-3, No School

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