Current Unit



Grade 1 - 3:

Classes are getting an introduction to fitness.  In class we are exploring the following questions:

What it fitness?

What are the different components/parts to being fit?

                        muscle strength, heart strength, flexibility, (Gr. 3    also muscle endurance, body composition)

How do we get and keep a fit body?

      What is exercise?

What things can we feel happening in our bodies when we are exercising?

How do our heart, lungs, blood, and blood vessels work together?

Traveling through the body:  All classes just spent one class learning how the heart, oxygen, blood, lungs, and blood vessels work together.  Ask them about their experience as blood cells traveling through the body.  See what they can remember!



Kindergarten classes are doing activities that focus on body parts, body and special awareness, safe moving, cooperating with others in class, and following directions.  They also participated in traveling through the body.