Classroom Enrichment Outline
The team or specialist must submit a budget to the PTA (after Principal approval) by October 24, 2014 identifying how the funds will be used.
Use the form(s) below to submit your request.
Looking for how much money your area received?
Please refer to the “How PTA Dollars are Earned and Spent” link for a copy of the 2014/2015 PTA budget.
Questions on how funds can be spent?
Please refer to the LHCS PTA Budget Policy for guidelines and procedures.
What is the process our team needs to follow for the funds?
1. Download and complete the Classroom Enrichment Outline.
2. Once you've received approval from Administration, download and complete the Classroom Enrichment Check Request form. The PTA Treasurer will then issue a check for the approved plan.
Receipts for expenditures are required and must be submitted by June 14, 2015 following the school year.

PDF Classroom Enrichment Outline for 2012-2013   --  Download and complete an outline for Classroom Enrichment funds. Outline must be signed by team members and Administration before funds can be requested from the PTA.
PDF Classroom Enrichment Check Request for 2012 - 2013   --  Download and print this form to request Classroom Enrichment Funds that have been approved on the Classroom Enrichment Outline form.