Chess Champions
Monday, March 10, 2008 11:05 PM

Congratulations to the Lake Harriet eighth-graders and a kindergartner who recently won state chess championships representing LHCS! Many LHCS students participated in the tournament held on February 23. More than 420 students participated overall. Participants arrived in the morning and played chess periodically for up to nine hours! You can find the results of the 2008 Minnesota State Grade Level Tournament on the website. The Lake Harriet C.S. Chess Club meets Fridays at 3:30 p.m. at the Upper Campus. Parents and club members are grateful for the guidance, teaching and leadership of coach Jiten Patel as well as all of the volunteers.

Individual Champions:

  • Peter Bertel, Grade 8, First Place, State Grade-level Champion
  • Lukas Johnson, Kindergarten, First Place, State Grade-level Champion

Team Champions: Grade 8

Team Standings:
Kindergarten – 3rd
Grade 1 -- 15th
Grade 2 – 3rd
Grade 3 -- 8th
Grade 4 -- 24th
Grade 5 – 3rd
Grade 7 -- 8th
Grade 8 – 1st

LHCS Participants:

Lukas Johnson, Kindergarten
Lars Lieving, Grade 1
Grover Bruce, Grade 1
Oliver Morgan, Grade 2
Nicholas Kaye, Grade 2
Daniel Lane, Grade 2
Simon Tolman, Grade 3
Aidan Berg, Grade 3
Lachlan Anders-Macleod, Grade 3
Caleb Maertens, Grade 4
Nathaniel Larson, Grade 5
Will Cannon, Grade 5
Kaj Anders-Macleod, Grade 5
Ben Lane, Grade 5
Brendan Berg, Grade 7Peter Bertel, Grade 8
Connor Robinson, Grade 8
Isaiah Paguyo, Grade 8
Nate Dingels, Grade 8
Newton Fuller, Grade 8