Physical Education...where all of the action is

Field Day activities start at 9:50 on Friday.  There will be an opening ceremony and then teams are sent off to start their first activity station at 10:10.  Stations run through the morning until about 11:40, when teams come back together and are dismissed by class for lunch.

Activities start up again at 1:15.  We will meet together and then teams start their first afternoon station at 1:25.  Stations are completed at 2:45 and teams receive treats.  Awards are handed out as soon as scores are figured.  

Students will be outside for much of the day so think about sending them with a water bottle (with name) and putting on sun screen.  

Please have children wear good shoes for running, jumping, etc., not sandals.


FIELD DAY  is Friday, May 25th

THEME:  Moving Full STEAM Ahead!   (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Students met witht their field day teams on Tuesday, May 25th and chose their team name and colors.

Below is a list of teams by team numbers.  Wearing team colors is optional.  

           TEACHER LEADER   TEAM COLORS                    TEAM NAME                

Team 1       Kangas                Green & Blue                       Mad Scientists                                                    

Team 2       Hallen                  purple/gold/grey/white        The Steamers

Team 3       Perez                   Blue & Yellow                       Lightning   

Team 4       Harich                  Blue & White                   Shooting Comets               

Team 5       Pier                      Stripes                                  The Engineers     

Team 6       Clarke                  white or gray                        The Cho Chos

Team 7       Jurgens               blue & white                         Steam Experts

Team 8       Porter                  white/blue/green                  Team Steam

Team 9       Shuff                    blue & green                         Steam Team          

Team 10     Devens                blue & white                          Steam Warriors

Team 11     Hollembeak        Dragon Dash Shirts              Steam Dragons

 Team 12     Lyga-Jones        gray & blue                           Steam Punks

Team 13     Saly                     blue & white                          Blue Jays

Team 14     Mattson               bue                                        The Golden Dragons

 Team 15     Johnson             blue & green                         Division Peeps