PTA Board Position Descriptions

President(s): Oversees and provides guidance for all PTA board members/committees and activities, creates agendas and conducts PTA meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, leads the school PTA toward specific goals chosen by the membership and is the official representative of the school PTA. The president(s) work closely with the school administrators to meet the goals of the membership and is/are responsible for the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies/bylaws.
Time Commitment: 3-6 hours/week

Co-President(s) Elect: Act(s) as aide(s) to the president(s), perform duties of the president(s) in their absence, performs other duties as may be assigned by the association and plays an active role in learning the duties of the president for the following school year.
Time Commitment: 1 hour/week

Secretary: Records minutes at each PTA Meeting and submits them to the PTA president(s) for review, makes necessary revisions, e-mails minutes to each PTA board member, the website committee and posts minutes on the PTA bulletin board at each campus. Minutes are also places in the official PTA Minutes Notebook.
Time Commitment: 1 hour/week

Treasurer: Controls all funds of the association accounting for all receipts and expenditures, makes disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association. The Treasurer ensures that all checks are signed by two authorized PTA members (treasurer and president). Emails monthly Treasurer’s Report to PTA Board Members prior to the monthly meeting for approval at the meeting and conforms to bylaw requirements; submits books annually for an audit by an outside agency.
Time Commitment: 3-5 hours/week

Treasurer Elect: Aids the treasurer in performing necessary duties in preparation for taking over the Treasurer position the following year.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraising Chair is the point person for all LHCS Fundraisers. This person is responsible for evaluating all fundraising events throughout the year and determining how everything is working together (e.g., Should we add a new fundraiser? Do we have problems with existing fundraisers?). Performs a 5-year historical analysis (annually) of all LHCS fundraisers to include Gross Profit, Expenses, Net Profit and volunteer hours. This report is presented to the PTA Board for further review and recommendation.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Volunteer Coordinator: Oversees the recruitment and coordination of volunteers for all LHCS activities/events including the Room Rep Program, Membership/Outreach, Speaker Coordination and special programs. The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Fundraising Chair/committees to aid them in volunteer recruitment for fundraising activities. Maintains a database of volunteers (and their preferences) and directs communication for recruitment activities. The volunteer coordinator is in charge of obtaining and compiling information on the number of hours worked by volunteers.
Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/week

Communications Coordinator: This person will serve as the key link from school to home for all PTA supported communication tools working closely with the principal(s) and LHCS community to ensure proper dissemination of information; providing timely and accurate distribution via the newsletter, website and email. Must ensure that communications meet the compliance guidelines of Minneapolis Public Schools and aids other board/committee positions with communication needs.
Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/week

PTA Committees:

  • Room Reps
  • Membership
  • Carnival
  • Innisbrook
  • Silent Auction
  • Spirit Wear
  • Read-a-Thon
  • Silent Fundraisers
  • Speaker Coordinator
  • Spirit Wear
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Grants
  • Connection Newsletter
  • Website
  • Advocacy
  • Marketing
  • Diversity