Big Changes in How We “Connect”
Tuesday, November 06, 2007 9:40 PM

You asked for it, and the changes are now here!  Next week, the paper version of the Connection -- that familiar blue sheet that comes home each Tuesday in your children’s backpacks -- will only be distributed to those who asked specifically for the paper copy.  All of the rest of you (more than 700 individuals in total) have opted to receive the Connection via email in the weekly Connect Online.  This change will save the PTA money and time, as well as saving trees.
We don’t want to lose touch with anyone in our community as there are many important announcements, articles and items of interest in the Connection.  So please make sure to open your Connect Online email each week for details and check to make sure it has not being mis-identified as spam.  Questions?  Contact Connection Distribution Coordinator, Blaire Hartley, at