Attention 8th Grade Families--Photos Needed
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:40 AM

At the 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony on Monday, June 11, we’re putting together an electronic photo montage of the class.  Please submit photos of your children from their years at Audubon, Fulton and Lake Harriet. School photos, Red Eye, first day of school, class trips, ice cream social, fairy tales, class plays, History Day, carnival shots, choir or band concerts, Wicked in Oz, Bye Bye Birdie, Snow Days, etc., are all possibilities.  We’re sure you have more ideas!   We hope to have photos from everyone in the class.  Place photos is “8th grade photo box” in the office or send them electronically to Make sure to have your name on the back of photos. To retrieve your photos, pick them up at the ceremony or in the office on the last day of school.  Deadline for the photos is this Thursday, May 17, 4 p.m.