Parties Galore Fundraisers!
Monday, May 18, 2009 11:25 PM

Parties are available online for purchase. Go to and click on the yellow “Parties Galore” button. (or you can click that same image in this article). Purchasing and going to one of these parties is a simple, fast, and fun way to support your school. Hurry, as parties will fill up fast!

Class of 2017 Mom’s Party (4th Grade). Date: Friday, May 29th; time: 6:30-9pm; cost: $20.
Sixth Grade Spring BBQ Bash. Date: May 30th (the weekend after Memorial Day); time: 6pm; cost: $25 per person.
Garden Party for Lake Harriet Moms. Date: Friday, June 5th; time: 7pm; cost: $25 per person.