8th grade Daily Spark Words

Daily Spark           Week 30         June Spark Test Monday June 12  - all 14 words below


1.hindrance     n.

Def:  obstacle, difficulty



2.brevity         n.

Def: briefness, shortness

Synonyms:  con _ _ _ e           succin _ _


3.plethora       n.

Def:  abundance, surplus

Jason was so overwhelmed by the plethora of items at the salad bar, that he couldn’t decide what to eat.


4.nostalgic       adj.

Def: longing for times or things past

List 3 things from your childhood about which you are nostalgic.  1) splashing in the backyard wading pool





5.conundrum     n.

Def:  mystery, puzzle

Synonyms:  en _ _ ma      pr _ _ l _ _



Daily Spark             Week 31    


6.proselytize    vb.

Def:  to encourage people to follow a religious or political belief or cause, to evangelize

Write only the words that are associated with proselytize


disciple,   delay,    preach,   convert,   foreign,   prophet


7.erudite    adj.

Def:  scholarly, learned

Antonyms:  un _ d _ c _ _ _ d,     ig _ _ _ _ _ t


8.accolade   n.

Def:  award, honor, praise

List 3 accolades you would like to earn or win in your lifetime.  1) Newbery Award




9.bellicose  adj.

Def:  belligerent, warlike



10.duplicity   n.

Def: treachery, dishonesty

Write the words associated with duplicity.


trickery,  fraud,   honor,  truth,   deception,     patriot



Daily Spark         Week 32   


11.unkempt    adj.

Def: disheveled, untidy

Sentence:  After camping for a week, Maureen had smelly clothes, and unkempt hair.


12.premonition   n.

Def:  vision of the future

Synonyms:  o _ _ n,   int _ _ _ ion,   f _ _ ling



13.construe     vb.

Def:  to make sense of, interpret

Sentence:  From what the detective could construe jealousy was the motive for the crime.


14.delve   vb.

Def:  to search, to dig 




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