8th grade Daily Spark Vocabulary Words

Daily Spark              Week 26         


1. relic    n.

Def:  artifact, object relating to a saint or something holy

 sacred, religious, ancient, old, historical


2. arbiter    n.

Def: a judge, a go-between, a moderator

Sentence: The arbiter worked with the two small business owners for many hours to help them work out their conflict.


3. stoic    adj.

Def:  showing little feeling, indifferent

Synonyms:  _ _ emo _ _ _ _al          a _ _ the _ _c


4. rescind   vb.

Def: to repeal

Synonyms:  can_ _ _    un _ _


5. maverick    n.

Def:  nonconformist

Sentence:  The maverick cop often caught criminals, but his refusal to listen to his superiors meant that he was never promoted.


Daily Spark           Week 27            


6. circumlocution      n.

Def: evasive speaking or writing

Sentence:  John didn’t want to tell his parents the truth about his bad grades, so he resorted to circumlocution, telling them about all of his friends’ bad report cards.


7. vapid   adj.

Def:  dull, lifeless, bland


8. demagogue      n.

Def:  a leader who makes passionate speeches

      charismatic     passionate    compelling


9. admonish    vb.

Def: to kindly scold or warn


10. placid     adj.

Def:  peaceful, serene

Synonyms:    ca_ _      rel _ _ i _ _      soo _ _ ing


Daily Spark             Week 28           


11.  cumbersome     adj.

Def: awkward, burdensome

Write only the synonyms:

manageable,   unwieldy,    bulky,    weighty,    compact


12.   unscathed     adj.

Def:  not harmed

Tom had a couple of close calls, but he ended up making it out of the battle unscathed.


13.   tedious   adj.

Def:  boring, tiresome

List 2 activities you find tedious: 1)



14.   skeptic     n.

Def:  one who doubts or questions

Write only the characteristics of a skeptic.

acceptance, cynicism, approval, disbelief, distrust, pessimism, optimism, openness


15.    altruism    n.

Def:  selflessness, caring about others more than yourself

Name 2 acts of altruism you have heard about or seen recently.  1)



Daily Spark           Week 29     


16.   subtle        adj.

Def:  not obvious

Antonyms:  notice _ _ _ _        over _ _ at _ _


17.  thrifty     adj.

Def: careful with money, frugal

List 3 ways you can be thrifty during our tough economic times:   1)




18.    antithesis   n.

Def:  direct opposite

Sentence:  With his brains and interest in classical music, Lou is the antithesis of the stereotypical jock.                                

















Daily Spark       Week 21      


1. temerity      n.

Def:  audacity, recklessness

Synonyms: Select and write just the synonyms.

     bold        rash       timid        coy


2. hackneyed        adj.

Def:  overused, trite

Write 2 hackneyed phrases or sentences that you hear people overuse.



3. voluminous       adj.

Def:  having large volume or size

List 2 voluminous books.



4. lope     vb.

Def: to move with a steady gait



Daily Spark         Week 22    

5. undulate    vb.

Def: to move in a wavelike motion

Sentence:  The Atlantic Ocean’s waves undulated across many miles.



6. supercilious     adj.

Def:  prideful, arrogant, haughty

Antonyms:    hum _ _ _       m _ _ k



7. infamy      n.

Def:  notoriety, evil reputation




8. esoteric    adj.

Def:  understood only by a certain few, obscure

Sentence:  The professor’s esoteric remarks on the meaning of life left his students confused.



9. imminent     adj.

Def:  about to happen

List 3 imminent events in your life.




Daily Spark     Week 23    


10. clemency      n.

Def:  mercy

Synonyms:    len _ _ _ cy      com _ _ _ _ ion


11. amicable     adj.

Def: agreeable, polite, cordial




12. anachronism    n.

Def:  something incorrectly present in a time period

Sentence:  The author included an interesting anachronism in his novel:  hanging above the fireplace in the knight’s castle was a flat screen television.



13. prodigal      adj.

Def:  spending wildly or in excess

Synonyms:  ext _ _ _ _ g _ _ _          was _ _ f _ _



14. vindicate   vb.

Def:  to clear from guilt, to prove right or correct



Daily Spark         Week 24      


15. formidable    adj.

Def:  causing fear or respect, difficult

Sentence:  With her surprising strength and her mastery of karate, Lizzy made a formidable opponent.


16. meander    vb.

Def: to follow a winding course, to wander

Synonyms:    ra _ _ _ e       r _ v _



17. dubious    adj.

Def:  causing doubt, questionable, unsure

Antonyms:  cer _ _ _ _        s _ _ e


18. prescient    adj.

Def: having knowledge of the future

Sentence:  The fortuneteller at the carnival was either prescient or extremely lucky when she predicted that I would win the lottery; I just sent her a check for $1,000 from my winnings.


19. debacle     n.

Def:  disaster, calamity

Synonyms:   tra _ _ d _      fia _ _ o


Daily Spark             Week 25     


20. gesticulate    vb.

Def:  to gesture

Sentence:  I couldn’t hear the couple across the street, but it was clear from their angry gesticulations that they were having an argument.


21. vestige     n.

Def:  remains or trace of something

Sentence:  Josh held on to a few vestiges of his relationship with Susan, including a dried rose and a faded photograph.



22.   ogle  vb.

Def:  to stare, or to stare flirtatiously




April Daily Spark test Wed. April 11, 2018




















Daily spark quiz - 10 words below

on Tuesday Feb. 20



1. genre n.

Def: category or type


2.convergence n.

Def: joining of parts, coming together


3.intrepid adj.

Def: adventurous, courageous


4.ostentatious adj.

Def: showy, boastful


5.anomaly n.

Def: irregularity, abnormality


6.endemic adj.

Def: common to a certain region


7.relegate v.

Def: to reduce to a lesser status


8. cursory adj.

Def: hasty, brief


9. callous adj.

Def: coarse, insensitive


10. antagonist n.

Def: opponent, adversary












Daily Spark Quiz on Friday Jan. 19 weeks 14-16 below (13 words)

Daily Spark       Week 14  


1. deprecate      vb.

Def:  to disapprove, to denounce

List 3 behaviors that are deprecated in the classroom.


2. morose   adj.

Def:  gloomy, down in the dups, depressed

Antonyms:  ela_ _ _         es_ _ t _ _        ju _ _ lan _


3. arduous   adj.

Def: difficult, strenuous

Synonyns:  gru _ _ ing           la _ _ rio _ _

List 2 arduous tasks you’ve done in the last year.

   1) snow shoveling



4. astute  adj.

Def: perceptive, shrewd

Name two characteristics of an astute person

    1) observant




5. superficial    adj.

Def: shallow, external

Describe a superficial person in three sentences



Daily Spark      Week 15     

6. nonchalant    adj.

Def:  casual, careless, informal

Greg’s casual dress (shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and flip-flops) perfectly matches his nonchalant attitude.


7. catharsis    n.

Def: a cleansing or purging experience

Sentence:  Laughter is a wonderful catharsis for life’s little problems.



8. prodigious    adj.

Def: extraordinary, remarkable



9. nullify    vb.

Def:  to cancel, to undo

The election results were nullified when it was discovered that many voting machines were working improperly.


10. zealot     n.

Def:  fanatic

Sentence:  The crazed zealot paraded through the streets waving a sign that read “The End is Near!”



Daily Spark        Week 16      


11. ostensible     adj.

Def: apparent, seeming

Synonyms:  supp _ _ _ _      per_ _ _ _ _


12. hyperbole   n.

Def:  exaggeration, overstatement

Write a sentence about the school cafeteria using hyperbole.


13. requisite    n.

Def:  requirement, necessity


List 3 requisites for getting an A in lang. arts










Daily Spark    Week 11    Spark Word Test Friday Dec. 8 Weeks 11, 12, and 13 (dulcet- burgeon, 14 words)


1. dulcet        adj.

Def:  Having a soothing, pleasant, or melodious sound

List 3 dulcet sounds: 1) birds chirping



2. augment        vb.

Def:  to enhance, to enlarge

Synonyms:  supp _ _ _ _ nt,    in _ re _ _ _

Sentence:  Bill augmented his baseball card collection with three new Twins’ cards.



3. paltry         adj.

Def:  measly, trivial, a small amount



4. judicious         adj.

Def:  wise, showing good judgment

Synonyms:  shr _ _ _ ,      pr _ d _ _ t

Write two or three sentences about a judicious decision you made.


5. perfunctory    adj.

Def:  dutiful, lacking enthusiasm

List 2 jobs, tasks, chores, or assignments you perform in a perfunctory manner:  1) washing dishes



Daily Spark   Week 12     


6. winsome      adj.

Def:  charming

Antonyms:  rev_ _ t _ _ _ , obn _ _ _ _ _ s



7. homogeneous     adj

Def: of the same kind or type

Synonyms:  uni _ _ _ ,   id _ _ _ i _ _ _  



8. omnivorous     adj.

Def:  having a diet of both plants and animals

Name 2 omnivorous animals


9. latent      adj.

Def: hidden, yet to be discovered



10. quixotic        adj.

Def:  idealistic

Sentence:  Steve’s quixotic pursuit of an Olympic gold medal required ten hours a day of hard training.


Daily Spark     Week 13     


11. charlatan       n.

Def: a fraud, an imposter

List 2 charlatans you’ve seen on tv or read about in books.


12. tangible     adj.

Def:  able to be touched, concrete

From Latin tang/tact meaning touch

List 3 tangible rewards for a good report card:

  1) DQ Blizzard




13. stagnant     adj.

Def:  not moving or flowing, inactive



14. burgeon      vb.

Def: to bloom, to grow, to do well


Sentence:  After three weeks of fertilizing, my plant started to burgeon.












SPARK WORD TEST FRIDAY NOV. 10!  Weeks 6 - 9 (words 1-18 below)


Daily Spark                Week 6       October 6


1. acquiesce   vb.

Def:  to comply, to give in

Synonyms:  agr_ _  ,        su _ _ it

List 2 things you’ve acquiesced to in the last few months.


2. partisan     adj.

Def:  biased, showing favoritism

Antonyms:  neu _ r _ _ ,     imp_ _ t _ _ l

Explain partisan politics in a sentence or two.


3. candid      adj.

Def:  open, honest, frank

List 2 situations in which being candid could be good, and then list 2 situations in which being candid could be bad.


4. parochial      adj.

Def:  narrow-minded, relating to a church or parish

Sentence:  After years of living a sophisticated, liberal life in New York City, Bill found his parents’ new, small town, rural living to be unbearably parochial.


5. rhetoric    n.

Def:  speech, speech or language that is inflated or embellished

Synonyms:  or_ t _ _ y,   prop _ _ _ _ _a


Daily Spark          Week 7           Oct. 13 - 27


6. taciturn     adj.

Def:  silent, quiet, introverted

List 2 taciturn people you know.  First names only.



7. irrefutable     adj.

Def:  undeniable, having no argument against

List 3 irrefutable facts.



8. cajole    vb.

Def:  coax, wheedle, nag

List 3 things you’ve cajoled your parents for in the last year.



9. iconoclast       n.

Def:  one who challenges the norm or standard

Sentence:  Bill, ever the iconoclast, wore jeans and tennis shoes to his high school prom.

List 2 famous iconoclasts.



10. disseminate     vb.

Def:  to spread

Synonyms:  broad_ _ _ _, dis _ _ _ b_ _ _, sca _ _ er




Daily Spark           Week 8           Oct. 30


11. aloof     adj.

Def:  haughty, standoffish, reserved




12. innate      adj.

Def:  inborn, acquired, naturally

Antonyms:  lea _ n _ _,      reh _ _ r _ _ d

Sentence:  My snowboarding skills are a combination of innate ability and dedicated training.



13. placate    vb.

Def:  to calm, to appease

Synonyms:  soo _ _ _,    pac _ _ y

In an attempt to placate my parents, I promised to finish my homework before I went to the movie with my friends.


Daily Spark          Week 9         Oct. 31 - Nov. 6


14. fallacy    n.

Def:  false idea, mistaken belief, myth

List 2 common fallacies:

1.       You’ll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair in the winter.


15. magnanimous  adj.

Def:  noble, generous

Sentence:  In a magnanimous gesture, Bill Gates donated five million dollars to local high schools. 

Name 2 magnanimous people.


16. expedite       vb.

Def:  to make faster, to make easier, to speed up

Sentence:  To expedite the boarding process, please have your tickets ready.


17. salubrious     vb.

Def:  healthy, wholesome, beneficial to one’s health

List 2 salubrious actions.

1.       eat a hearty breakfast


18. elucidate      vb.

Def:  to make clear, to make lucid

Synonyms:  expl_ _ n   ,   cl _ _ _ f _

Draw a picture of Mr. T. trying to elucidate a difficult math problem for his students.














Daily Spark Quiz Friday Oct. 13 - Weeks 1 -5 (#1-21) Below

Daily Spark         Week 1         

1. evanescent       adj.

Def:  fleeting, momentary, short-lived

Sentence:  The evanescent mist over the city disappears each day after the sun rises.


2. negligible       adj.

Def:  of little importance, hardly noticeable

Synonyms:   in _ _ g _ _ fi _ an_,    t _ _ y


3. capitulate    vb.

Def:  to give up, to surrender



4. incessant    adj.

Def:  without end, persistent

Synonyms:  non _ _ _ p,   con_ _ _ _ _ _ s


5. utopia  n.

Def:  an ideal place, paradise


Write 3 to 5 sentences describing your own utopia.




Daily Spark       Week 2     

6. lethargy    n.

Def:  laziness, tiredness

List 2 times when you’ve experienced lethargy.




7. fluctuate   vb.

Def: to change, to ebb and flow, to rise and fall

Sentence:  The temperature in Minnesota fluctuates a great deal; it ranges from 90 degrees above zero in the summer, to minus 30 degrees in the winter.


8. capricious    adj.

Def:  variable, unpredictable, changeable

Synonyms:  er _ _ t _ _,    wh _ m _ _ _ al

The capricious actress demanded a bowl of green lollipops in her dressing room, decided she didn’t want them, and then threw the bowl against the wall.


9. venerate     vb.

Def:  to revere, to honor



Daily Spark      Week 3        

10. enigma       n.

Def:  a puzzle, a mystery

Sentence:  Baffled by the enigma of the missing socks Andy decided to call in the experts: Mom and Dad.


11. pompous       adj.

Def:  arrogant

Antonyms:  mo _ es _,     unas _ um _ _ _

Describe in 2 to 3 sentences how a pompous person might act.


12. zenith      n.

Def:  highest point, pinnacle

Synonyms:  sum _ _ _,    a _ _ x

Describe the view from the zenith of a mountain. What would you see, hear, and smell?


13. clandestine  adj.

Def:  secret

Sentence:  The government agent trained for years before he began his clandestine activities overseas.  List two clandestine activities this agent might be doing in his job.


14. fortuitous        adj.

Def:  accidental, by chance, lucky

Sentence:  On her way to the gym, Jill made a fortuitous discovery:  a hundred dollar bill lying on the sidewalk.  List 2 fortuitous events that you’ve experienced.  



Daily Spark       Week 4       

15. propensity    n.

Def:  preference, predisposition

Synonyms:  incl _ n_ _ _ _ n,     tend _ _ _ _



16. sporadic     adj.

Def:  infrequent, intermittent, inconsistent

List two things you can do sporadically.


17. pragmatic     adj.

Def:  practical, sensible, realistic

Sentence:  Mrs. Matsumoto, always pragmatic, didn’t panic when the projector screen fell off the wall; she just stepped back and said, “Ouch!”

Name 2 things you’ve seen me do that demonstrate I’m a pragmatic person.


18. sycophant     n.

Def:  one who flatters

Sentence:  Bill is such a sycophant. As student council president, all he does is kiss up to the principal and praise all of her decisions. 

List 2 things a sycophant might say to Mrs. Matsumoto


19. efface    vb.

Def: to wipe out, to destroy, to wear away




Daily Spark       Week 5     


20. spurious              adj.

Def:  fake, false

List 2 antonyms.

Sentence:  Sue tried to defend herself against the spurious claim that she had cheated on her math test.


21. benevolent     adj.

Def:  showing compassion, generous, caring


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