8th grade Daily Spark Vocabulary Words


Daily Spark       Week 21      


1. temerity      n.

Def:  audacity, recklessness

Synonyms: Select and write just the synonyms.

     bold        rash       timid        coy


2. hackneyed        adj.

Def:  overused, trite

Write 2 hackneyed phrases or sentences that you hear people overuse.



3. voluminous       adj.

Def:  having large volume or size

List 2 voluminous books.



4. lope     vb.

Def: to move with a steady gait



Daily Spark         Week 22    

5. undulate    vb.

Def: to move in a wavelike motion

Sentence:  The Atlantic Ocean’s waves undulated across many miles.



6. supercilious     adj.

Def:  prideful, arrogant, haughty

Antonyms:    hum _ _ _       m _ _ k



7. infamy      n.

Def:  notoriety, evil reputation




8. esoteric    adj.

Def:  understood only by a certain few, obscure

Sentence:  The professor’s esoteric remarks on the meaning of life left his students confused.



9. imminent     adj.

Def:  about to happen

List 3 imminent events in your life.



















Daily spark quiz - 10 words below

on Tuesday Feb. 20



1. genre n.

Def: category or type


2.convergence n.

Def: joining of parts, coming together


3.intrepid adj.

Def: adventurous, courageous


4.ostentatious adj.

Def: showy, boastful


5.anomaly n.

Def: irregularity, abnormality


6.endemic adj.

Def: common to a certain region


7.relegate v.

Def: to reduce to a lesser status


8. cursory adj.

Def: hasty, brief


9. callous adj.

Def: coarse, insensitive


10. antagonist n.

Def: opponent, adversary












Daily Spark Quiz on Friday Jan. 19 weeks 14-16 below (13 words)

Daily Spark       Week 14  


1. deprecate      vb.

Def:  to disapprove, to denounce

List 3 behaviors that are deprecated in the classroom.


2. morose   adj.

Def:  gloomy, down in the dups, depressed

Antonyms:  ela_ _ _         es_ _ t _ _        ju _ _ lan _


3. arduous   adj.

Def: difficult, strenuous

Synonyns:  gru _ _ ing           la _ _ rio _ _

List 2 arduous tasks you’ve done in the last year.

   1) snow shoveling



4. astute  adj.

Def: perceptive, shrewd

Name two characteristics of an astute person

    1) observant




5. superficial    adj.

Def: shallow, external

Describe a superficial person in three sentences



Daily Spark      Week 15     

6. nonchalant    adj.

Def:  casual, careless, informal

Greg’s casual dress (shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and flip-flops) perfectly matches his nonchalant attitude.


7. catharsis    n.

Def: a cleansing or purging experience

Sentence:  Laughter is a wonderful catharsis for life’s little problems.



8. prodigious    adj.

Def: extraordinary, remarkable



9. nullify    vb.

Def:  to cancel, to undo

The election results were nullified when it was discovered that many voting machines were working improperly.


10. zealot     n.

Def:  fanatic

Sentence:  The crazed zealot paraded through the streets waving a sign that read “The End is Near!”



Daily Spark        Week 16      


11. ostensible     adj.

Def: apparent, seeming

Synonyms:  supp _ _ _ _      per_ _ _ _ _


12. hyperbole   n.

Def:  exaggeration, overstatement

Write a sentence about the school cafeteria using hyperbole.


13. requisite    n.

Def:  requirement, necessity


List 3 requisites for getting an A in lang. arts










Daily Spark    Week 11    Spark Word Test Friday Dec. 8 Weeks 11, 12, and 13 (dulcet- burgeon, 14 words)


1. dulcet        adj.

Def:  Having a soothing, pleasant, or melodious sound

List 3 dulcet sounds: 1) birds chirping



2. augment        vb.

Def:  to enhance, to enlarge

Synonyms:  supp _ _ _ _ nt,    in _ re _ _ _

Sentence:  Bill augmented his baseball card collection with three new Twins’ cards.



3. paltry         adj.

Def:  measly, trivial, a small amount



4. judicious         adj.

Def:  wise, showing good judgment

Synonyms:  shr _ _ _ ,      pr _ d _ _ t

Write two or three sentences about a judicious decision you made.


5. perfunctory    adj.

Def:  dutiful, lacking enthusiasm

List 2 jobs, tasks, chores, or assignments you perform in a perfunctory manner:  1) washing dishes



Daily Spark   Week 12     


6. winsome      adj.

Def:  charming

Antonyms:  rev_ _ t _ _ _ , obn _ _ _ _ _ s



7. homogeneous     adj

Def: of the same kind or type

Synonyms:  uni _ _ _ ,   id _ _ _ i _ _ _  



8. omnivorous     adj.

Def:  having a diet of both plants and animals

Name 2 omnivorous animals


9. latent      adj.

Def: hidden, yet to be discovered



10. quixotic        adj.

Def:  idealistic

Sentence:  Steve’s quixotic pursuit of an Olympic gold medal required ten hours a day of hard training.


Daily Spark     Week 13     


11. charlatan       n.

Def: a fraud, an imposter

List 2 charlatans you’ve seen on tv or read about in books.


12. tangible     adj.

Def:  able to be touched, concrete

From Latin tang/tact meaning touch

List 3 tangible rewards for a good report card:

  1) DQ Blizzard




13. stagnant     adj.

Def:  not moving or flowing, inactive



14. burgeon      vb.

Def: to bloom, to grow, to do well


Sentence:  After three weeks of fertilizing, my plant started to burgeon.












SPARK WORD TEST FRIDAY NOV. 10!  Weeks 6 - 9 (words 1-18 below)


Daily Spark                Week 6       October 6


1. acquiesce   vb.

Def:  to comply, to give in

Synonyms:  agr_ _  ,        su _ _ it

List 2 things you’ve acquiesced to in the last few months.


2. partisan     adj.

Def:  biased, showing favoritism

Antonyms:  neu _ r _ _ ,     imp_ _ t _ _ l

Explain partisan politics in a sentence or two.


3. candid      adj.

Def:  open, honest, frank

List 2 situations in which being candid could be good, and then list 2 situations in which being candid could be bad.


4. parochial      adj.

Def:  narrow-minded, relating to a church or parish

Sentence:  After years of living a sophisticated, liberal life in New York City, Bill found his parents’ new, small town, rural living to be unbearably parochial.


5. rhetoric    n.

Def:  speech, speech or language that is inflated or embellished

Synonyms:  or_ t _ _ y,   prop _ _ _ _ _a


Daily Spark          Week 7           Oct. 13 - 27


6. taciturn     adj.

Def:  silent, quiet, introverted

List 2 taciturn people you know.  First names only.



7. irrefutable     adj.

Def:  undeniable, having no argument against

List 3 irrefutable facts.



8. cajole    vb.

Def:  coax, wheedle, nag

List 3 things you’ve cajoled your parents for in the last year.



9. iconoclast       n.

Def:  one who challenges the norm or standard

Sentence:  Bill, ever the iconoclast, wore jeans and tennis shoes to his high school prom.

List 2 famous iconoclasts.



10. disseminate     vb.

Def:  to spread

Synonyms:  broad_ _ _ _, dis _ _ _ b_ _ _, sca _ _ er




Daily Spark           Week 8           Oct. 30


11. aloof     adj.

Def:  haughty, standoffish, reserved




12. innate      adj.

Def:  inborn, acquired, naturally

Antonyms:  lea _ n _ _,      reh _ _ r _ _ d

Sentence:  My snowboarding skills are a combination of innate ability and dedicated training.



13. placate    vb.

Def:  to calm, to appease

Synonyms:  soo _ _ _,    pac _ _ y

In an attempt to placate my parents, I promised to finish my homework before I went to the movie with my friends.


Daily Spark          Week 9         Oct. 31 - Nov. 6


14. fallacy    n.

Def:  false idea, mistaken belief, myth

List 2 common fallacies:

1.       You’ll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair in the winter.


15. magnanimous  adj.

Def:  noble, generous

Sentence:  In a magnanimous gesture, Bill Gates donated five million dollars to local high schools. 

Name 2 magnanimous people.


16. expedite       vb.

Def:  to make faster, to make easier, to speed up

Sentence:  To expedite the boarding process, please have your tickets ready.


17. salubrious     vb.

Def:  healthy, wholesome, beneficial to one’s health

List 2 salubrious actions.

1.       eat a hearty breakfast


18. elucidate      vb.

Def:  to make clear, to make lucid

Synonyms:  expl_ _ n   ,   cl _ _ _ f _

Draw a picture of Mr. T. trying to elucidate a difficult math problem for his students.














Daily Spark Quiz Friday Oct. 13 - Weeks 1 -5 (#1-21) Below

Daily Spark         Week 1         

1. evanescent       adj.

Def:  fleeting, momentary, short-lived

Sentence:  The evanescent mist over the city disappears each day after the sun rises.


2. negligible       adj.

Def:  of little importance, hardly noticeable

Synonyms:   in _ _ g _ _ fi _ an_,    t _ _ y


3. capitulate    vb.

Def:  to give up, to surrender



4. incessant    adj.

Def:  without end, persistent

Synonyms:  non _ _ _ p,   con_ _ _ _ _ _ s


5. utopia  n.

Def:  an ideal place, paradise


Write 3 to 5 sentences describing your own utopia.




Daily Spark       Week 2     

6. lethargy    n.

Def:  laziness, tiredness

List 2 times when you’ve experienced lethargy.




7. fluctuate   vb.

Def: to change, to ebb and flow, to rise and fall

Sentence:  The temperature in Minnesota fluctuates a great deal; it ranges from 90 degrees above zero in the summer, to minus 30 degrees in the winter.


8. capricious    adj.

Def:  variable, unpredictable, changeable

Synonyms:  er _ _ t _ _,    wh _ m _ _ _ al

The capricious actress demanded a bowl of green lollipops in her dressing room, decided she didn’t want them, and then threw the bowl against the wall.


9. venerate     vb.

Def:  to revere, to honor



Daily Spark      Week 3        

10. enigma       n.

Def:  a puzzle, a mystery

Sentence:  Baffled by the enigma of the missing socks Andy decided to call in the experts: Mom and Dad.


11. pompous       adj.

Def:  arrogant

Antonyms:  mo _ es _,     unas _ um _ _ _

Describe in 2 to 3 sentences how a pompous person might act.


12. zenith      n.

Def:  highest point, pinnacle

Synonyms:  sum _ _ _,    a _ _ x

Describe the view from the zenith of a mountain. What would you see, hear, and smell?


13. clandestine  adj.

Def:  secret

Sentence:  The government agent trained for years before he began his clandestine activities overseas.  List two clandestine activities this agent might be doing in his job.


14. fortuitous        adj.

Def:  accidental, by chance, lucky

Sentence:  On her way to the gym, Jill made a fortuitous discovery:  a hundred dollar bill lying on the sidewalk.  List 2 fortuitous events that you’ve experienced.  



Daily Spark       Week 4       

15. propensity    n.

Def:  preference, predisposition

Synonyms:  incl _ n_ _ _ _ n,     tend _ _ _ _



16. sporadic     adj.

Def:  infrequent, intermittent, inconsistent

List two things you can do sporadically.


17. pragmatic     adj.

Def:  practical, sensible, realistic

Sentence:  Mrs. Matsumoto, always pragmatic, didn’t panic when the projector screen fell off the wall; she just stepped back and said, “Ouch!”

Name 2 things you’ve seen me do that demonstrate I’m a pragmatic person.


18. sycophant     n.

Def:  one who flatters

Sentence:  Bill is such a sycophant. As student council president, all he does is kiss up to the principal and praise all of her decisions. 

List 2 things a sycophant might say to Mrs. Matsumoto


19. efface    vb.

Def: to wipe out, to destroy, to wear away




Daily Spark       Week 5     


20. spurious              adj.

Def:  fake, false

List 2 antonyms.

Sentence:  Sue tried to defend herself against the spurious claim that she had cheated on her math test.


21. benevolent     adj.

Def:  showing compassion, generous, caring


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