7th grade tarea de español

La semana de 18 de marzo  Bienvenidos-- This is where I will post classroom activities and daily work.   Please check this spot if you miss a class for any reason!   Even if you do not have physical homework handed out, you are expected to study your vocab every night!  I do not post copies of the homework.        

lunes/Monday:   Students will answer interview questions from the board, then ask and answer with a partner.   We will work to create an "extra" question for each response.     We finished and graded listening activity 7.    TAREA:  write about 4 classes you have. Each class you will talk about: when (ordinal number), Do you like? Why? What do you do in class (ar verb)  There is a quiz on Wednesday--> "ar" verb forms. 

martes/Tuesday: Chk tarea, do listening activity 8.   Book page 103,act.22 --> from number side make a sent. using "ser."  From the letter side, make a a sent. with "ar" verb + an add-on.  If there is time, we will do a partner activity to practice listening, speaking, and verb forms.  

miércoles/Wednesday:  Short "check-in" verb quiz.    Go over page 103 act 19.      With partner, do act 22 on page 102. 

jueves/Thursday:  Partner activity and adjective review. Tarea: write 6 questions: 2 in "tú" form, 2 in "tú y tus amigos" form, and 2 in "tu familia" form. 

viernes/Friday:  In small groups, go over the questions from the "tarea" and answer in big kid sentences.   We will go over the conjugation of the verb "jugar."     card game with "ar" verbos