7th grade tarea de español

La semana de 10 de diciembre:  Bienvenidos-- This is where I will post classroom activities and daily work.   Please check this spot if you miss a class for any reason!   Even if you do not have physical homework handed out, you are expected to study your vocab every night!  I do not post copies of the homework.        

lunes/Monday:We will continue to work on the verbs in class.  Students will do a listening activity and a written activity.   This paper will be used in class tomorrow for a partner exercise.   Tarea: study the verbs!!  

martes/Tuesday: We will look at Act. 11 from yesterday.  Students will interview each other based on the questions from Act. 11.    Using the same paper as Act. 11, students will do a partner activity to determine an activity they both like to do.      If there is time, we will learn a new song to practice verbs.   *There will be a VERY SHORT verb quiz on Friday!

miércoles/Wednesday:  Sing song.   Students will read 3 posters/advertisements for clubs, and answer comprehension questions based on the posters.     Do 3 listening activities.   We will work on making our sentences plural using les and nos gusta.

jueves/Thursday:   We will be using our Textbook in class today!  We will be reviewing agreement in the positive and negative. 

viernes/Friday:    Short Quiz!      Teléfono Game!