7th grade tarea de español

La semana de 15 de octubre:  Bienvenidos-- This is where I will post classroom activities and daily work.   Please check this spot if you miss a class for any reason!   Even if you do not have physical homework handed out, you are expected to study your vocab every night!  I do not post copies of the homework.        

lunes/Monday: Monsters are due today for everyone.  I made this announcement last week on Wednesday and Thursday.   After sharing in small groups, we will sing a song, and play a game. 

martes/Tuesday: We will start by singing another song! yay!  :)  There will be a review sheet for the body vocab which we will turn into a game. *There will be a quiz on time and body vocab on Wednesday, Oct. 24th!

miércoles/Wednesday:  No escuela hoy!

jueves/Thursday: No escuela hoy!

viernes/Friday: No escuela hoy!