7th Grade: Awesome Poetry Books

Here are some exemplary examples of Poetry Books from this past school year.  You can click on the covers to read the entire book.  Exemplary examples from previous school years can be accessed on the sidebar on the right.

"Dear Cupid"
by Lucy Z.
"Vacation Haikus"
by Ismahaan J.
"Emotions and Feelings"
by Jackie J.
"Life from the Eyes of Me!"
by Via R.
"Random Poems"
by Quentin D.
"Nature's Wonders"
by Dora W.
"The Best Holidays of the Year"
by Piper S.
"Sport Poems"
by Liam T.
"Not-So-Odd Poems About Odd Things"
by Owen R.
"I'm a Poet and I Don't Even Know It!"
by Ava P.
"White Noise"
by Ellie H.
by Corrine T.
"Nature and Food"
by Masada L.
"Poetry on the Mind AND The Mind on Poetry"
by Peregrine T.