Social/Emotional Health Unit

Assignment:  Go to and take the Jung Typology Test.

Have the site score your test, then write down the 4-letter abreviation it gives you as your personality type.

Read the description about the type it gave you at and decide how close it is to your actual personality.

Consumer Health

Assignment #1- create both a wordle and a collage (at least one MUST be completed by hand) that represent "my culture" from your unique perspective.  The Wordle needs to contain 40-50 words, and the collage must have around 20 pictures, or enough to fill a page if hand-drawn (but multiple, not simply one image).

After that, each student will select a wordle/collage set of another student (ideally anonymous) and come up with a product and advertisement, using the persuasion techniques we learned in class, to sell to that student.


Link HERE for advertisers' persuasive techniques.