6th grade Social Studies

Ms. Kirk's e-mail is:  Kim.Kirk@mpls.k12.mn.us

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to communicate with Ms.Kirk to make up assignments/homework.

Northern Lights e-book

If you want to download the Northern Lights e-book app onto your home computer or ipad, use this link.

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for Nov. 12th - Nov. 16th:

Due Tuesday, Nov. 13th: The Birchbark House packet for Chapters 4 &5  needs to be completed by the end of class period.  If students need an extension, they should ask Ms. Kirk and check out a loaner book.  

Due Thursday, Nov. 14th: Chp. 8 packet for The Birchbark House is due.  Students should ideally have read to the end of chapter 9 by Nov. 15th as we will start a very important chapter (10).  

The handouts for the chapters are at the bottom of this page if you need to print it out.


This week we will start on the Ojibwe people of Minnesota.  This will lead in nicely into the Fur Trade which dominated our state's economy for decades.

Due Tuesday, Nov. 6th: Chapter 4 - Early Ojibwe Chapter Comprehension is due.  Students had class time to work on it, but if they didn't finish, it's homework.  If you need it, scroll to the bottom of this page to print.

Due Thursday, Nov. 8th: The Birchbark House packet for the Introduction and Chapter 1 needs to be completed.  Students will have class period on Tuesday and Wednesday to complete it.  If it isn't complete then, it will need to be done for homework.  The packet is below if you need to print it up.  


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"In seeking truth, you have to get both sides of the story."  -Walter Cronkite

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