6th grade Science

Ms.Kirk's e-mail is: Kim.Kirk@mpls.k12.mn.us

If students are absent, they are responsible for asking Ms. Kirk about any labs/assignments/homework they need to make up.  Come on Wednesdays during Advisory to make up any labs.

Quarter 2

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for Dec. 10th - Dec. 14th:

Make sure that your packets and handouts from last week have been turned in.  Save these packets to study for the end of the unit test next week.


Due Thursday, Dec. 6th: Newton's Toybox handout packet on the Laws of Motion is due.  The packet and the article from "Newton's Toybox" is at the bottom of this page.

Due Tuesday, Dec. 4th: "Nature puts on the Brakes" handout is due.  The article and the handout is at the bottom of the page.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for November 26th - 30thWe will be doing some labs on friction this week.  We will also be graphing the data from the labs.  If you are absent, make sure to check with Ms. Kirk so that you don't have zeros in the student portal.




document Science Safety Contract   --  Please read, sign and send back to Ms. Kirk by Friday, August 31st.
PDF Newton's Toybox booklet   --  Use pages 10-13 for the assignment.
PDF Newton's Toybox handout packet on the Laws of Motion   --  Use pages 10-13 of Newton's Toybox booklet to complete the assignment.