6th grade Science

Ms.Kirk's e-mail is: Kim.Kirk@mpls.k12.mn.us

If students are absent, they are responsible for asking Ms. Kirk about any labs/assignments/homework they need to make up.  Come on Wednesdays during Advisory to make up any labs.

Quarter 3

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 25th - March 28th: 

Class assignment for Tuesday, March 26th: Scroll to the bottom of this page and open the "What is Light?" Powerpoint (Make sure that you are using Safari).  Start with page 5 "Wavelength determines Color" and take notes on the important concepts until the end of the Powerpoint.  Some of this will be on the "Light Energy" test after Spring Break.

Any missing or late assignments must be turned in by Tuesday, March 26th.  I will not accept anything after that as I have to grade and record all the students' grades for the end of 3rd quarter.  This includes making up any labs that students have missed.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 18th - March 22nd: 

Due Thursday, March 21st: "Blind-Spot Challenges" handout.  You can print it from the pdf below if you don't have it.  Choose 5 out of the 10 challenges and make sure to answer each question (on the back of the handout) with the 3 bullet points at the top.  Try at least 5 different ways before giving up.  Give a brief descrption of the 5 ways you tried.  This is due when you walk in the door on Thursday.

For those that need to take the "Human Eye Parts" retest because you did not getting a passing grade (13/18 or higher) on the Quiz, please talk to Ms. Kirk about taking it or come during Advisory class on Wednesday, March 20th.  If you don't have a passing grade for the quiz or retest, you cannot do the Cow Eye Dissection.  You will have to observe only as your partner (s) does the dissection. The last opportunity to take the retest is during recess on Friday, March 21st.