6th grade Science

Ms.Kirk's e-mail is: Kim.Kirk@mpls.k12.mn.us

If students are absent, they are responsible for asking Ms. Kirk about any labs/assignments/homework they need to make up.


Class assignent for June 8th & 9th:  Use this link to complete the packet on "The Ribbon of Life" assignment to answer questions 5,6,, 9.10,11,12 & 13.  Use this link to answer question 1.  Also make sure to write the explanation of what it is on your sheet.  For the extra assignment, here is the link to finish the Organelles and Tissues portion.


Use this link to watch some videos about how to use the microscope. Watch videos 2-5.  You can also use this Brainpop Microscope tutorial to help you use the microscope properly.  

Monday, June 5th: Quiz on The Microscope.  Know the different parts of the microscope and what each part does.  Study your notes.

It is your responsibility to ask Ms. Kirk what labs you need to make up if you are absent.


Class assignment for Fri., May 26th:  Scroll to the bottom of this page and open the PPT on "Differences and Similarities between Plant and Animal Cells".  Copy and color the information on your own paper.  Know this information since it will be on the end of the unit assessment.

No homework this week.  It is your responsibility to ask Ms. Kirk what labs you need to make up if you are absent.


Tuesday, May 16th:  Unit 3 End of unit assessment.  Study your notes, worksheets, lab notes, vocabulary and any information from previous weeks (see below).  


Class assignment for Thursday, May 11th:  Use the "Animal  Eyes  Explore  and  Create" at the bottom of this page to fill your group sheet. 

Then, do the Animals Eyes quiz to see how many you get right.  Ask Ms. Kirk for the answer sheet when you are ready to correct your work.  

Due Thursday, May 11th:  The class assignment below is done.  Make sure that you have 2 out of the 3 artlcles written in your own words.

Due Friday, May 12th:  Homework - The Cow Eye Dissection Reflection.  If you need the questions, scroll to the bottom of this page and print out the sheet.  Staple it to the front of your answer sheet. 

Class assignment for Tuesday, May 9th:  Since we completed the Cow Eye Dissection, let's learn more about animal eyes.  Please read the 3 animal eyes assignments below.  Pick 2 to write about.  Use your own words.  Use this link if you can't get the "Inside the eye:Nature's Most Exquisite creation"

If you are doing this alternative lesson instead of the Cow Eye Dissection, please listen and read carefully this article.  Take notes but make sure to use your words.  Show Ms. Kirk when you are done.


IMPORTANT:  The Cow Eye Dissection has been moved to Monday, May 8th due to numerous students who going to SWHS for guitar practice on Friday.

Class assignment for May 2nd & May 3rd: We are learning about how and why our eyes see colors.  Click on the PDF below on Colour Mixing to find out what colors our eyes see.  Color your sheet to match. Label the colors.  On the back of this paper, take notes on Additive Colors and Subtractive Colors.

Then read about and find out why people have color blindness.  Take notes.  

Take the test - do you have color blindness?

Do the Color Fun activity last. 

Then do the Optics for Kids - What is Light?

Due Wednesday, May 3rd: The Blind spot Challenge.  Please do 5 of the 10 challenges.

 If you are absent, please talk to Ms. Kirk about making up any work or labs.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for April 24th - April 28th

Monday, April 24th:  Cow eye dissection.  There will be no make-ups for this lab.  The eyeballs have not yet arrived, so this lab will sometime in the near future.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for April 10th - April 14th

Class assignment for Tuesday, April 11th: Open the PPT below "What is Light?".  Take notes and draw pictures (if needed).

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 27th - March 30th

Class assignment for Monday, March 27th:  After coloring the Visible Light Spectrum sheet NEATLY, then open the Electromagnetic Spectrum assignment below and copy what you see.  Color appropriately so that it looks the same.  BE NEAT!

Due Thursday, March 30th:  The Glaucoma Interview packet is due.  If you lose the packet, you must print at your house since Ms. Kirk will not give you another one.  If you are going to be leaving for Spring Break before that date, please make arrangements with Ms. Kirk.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 20th - March 24th

Wednesday, March 22nd: Quiz on Sound.  Study all your sheets, worksheets and vocabulary.

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 13th - March 17th

Class assignment for Wed. & Thurs, March 15th & 16th:  

Use this link and go to the "Animations" section in the middle of the page.  Do each of the lessons.  Take notes as you are reading each of the lessons.

Raise your hand so Ms. Kirk can check your work.  She will then give you the worksheet to do this next part.

Use this link called "String Thing" to find out how to manipulate strings to change their sound.  Read the directions on the matching sheet and fill in the answers as you work your way through the lesson.


HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for March 6th - March 10th

Class assignment for Thurs., March 9th:

BrainPOP States of Matter webpage assignment


Open the link above to “BrainPOP States of Matter” website

Using the Activity Woksheet that has the Matching and the Matrix (both sides), listen to the video and fill in the information on both sides.

Bring your paper to Ms. Kirk to check.

Open the “Activity” page (the one with the pencil) do the True or False on this page.

Do “Gameup”

Open up one of the other pages (such as Q & A) and have a look at what else you can learn about states of matter.

Finally, take the Quiz.  How did you do?

Due Wed., March 8th: The Wave Train assignment needs to be completed.

It is your responsibility to ask Ms. Kirk what labs you need to make up if you are absent.

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for February 27th - March 3rd

Class assignment for Monday, February 27th:  Open this link on "Introduction to Sound" and do the following:  Numbers 1,2,6,7,8,9 and 10.  Take notes.  For those students that will not be in class due to Climb Theater, you will need to do this by Wednesday, March 1st for homework.

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for February 21st - February 24th

If you are absent on Friday, February 24th, open the Powerpoint on "Sound and Music" and answer the questions on the packet.  The questions match the slide number (for example: S7 means slide #7).